ULLTRA High Performance transformers are designed to deliver more energy savings than any other transformer on the market. The result is a high performing transformer that offers the highest efficiency in the industry
under either linear or non-linear loading and maintains these high efficiency levels at not only 35% loading
but over the entire load range.

While other energy efficient transformers on the market may meet new, more demanding standards such as NEMA Premium and CSL3, these standards only restrict losses under linear loading and at 35% load levels.
When it comes to higher load levels and non-linear loading, other transformers on the market can't offer
the same high efficiencies under these conditions. ULLTRA High Performance transformers actually exceed
NEMA Premium efficiency levels at their peak performance loading of 50%, thereby assuring the most
energy savings under any loading.

ULLTRA High Performance Transformers offer quicker payback periods, and are engineered to perform.
All ULLTRA Transformers are real-world tested in Mirus' Harmonics & Energy Lab.

A perfect solution for any application where energy efficiency and lower life cycle costs are critical - K-12 and Higher Education, Government, Healthcare, Broadcasting, Commercial, Industrial and LEED buildings. Applications that expect heavier loads such as Data Centers, Solar and other Alternative Energy projects, will benefit from ULLTRA Series Transformers ability to maximize savings under ANY load and for ANY load profile.
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