Jefferson Electric/Bemag MV Transformers

Jefferson Electric’s medium voltage transformers offer an economical alternative for industrial
facilities and process lines, drilling and mining installations and commercial power applications.
Designed for indoor or outdoor installations, Jefferson Electric will customize each unit to meet
your specifications.

Applications Include:
Malls and Commercial Buildings, High Rise Building Distribution, Industrial Distribution, Industrial Phase Shifted Harmonic Mitigation, Offshore Drilling and Production Distribution, VFD Phase Shift Applications and More!

General Specifications:
5 kV Class : 150 to 4000 kVA
15 kV Class: 150 to 10000 kVA
25 kV Class: 300 to 10000 kVA
35 kV Class: 500 to 10000 kVA
Three-Phase, 50 or 60 Hz
Full Scope of Winding Configurations including:
Delta-Delta, Delta-Wye, Wye-Wye, Zig-Zag
Multipulse Designs through 24 Pulse std.
Standard Distribution, Drive Duty, Rectifier Duty, and Marine Rated
Standard 150°C rise, 140°C rise, 115°C rise, or 80° rise with 220°C Insulation,
Aluminum or Copper windings
Energy efficient (meets TP-1)
Std. or Custom Inrush Characteristics
Standard or Custom Voltage Correction Taps
Standard or Custom Impedance
Designs to meet: UL, CSA, ANSI, NEMA, IEEE, ABS, DNV, BV, and Lloyd's Standards
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