Project Experience
NSOEM has had the pleasure to work on a number of significant projects over it's history... the following listing with
description highlights the technical experience we have to assist you with your applicational needs.

ENSCO Offshore Drilling Rigs (International Deployment)
Rig Series: 7500 & 8500 Offshore Distribution Transformers and Phase Shift Harmonic Mitigation Pseudo 24 Pulse

Peregrino Rig A & B (Brazil)
AC & DC Drive Harmonic Filtration, Cast Coil Top Side Tie Transformer, and General Distribution Power Transformers.

Schlumberger - Veneco Production Field (Houston, TX)
AC Drive Mirus Lineator Filter Installation and Review, Water Injection Pump VFD Harmonic Mitigation Installation
Involved the filed harmonic study, design and installation of over 25, 800 - 1500 HP Lineator Filters, with field harmonic verification of performance.

Rose SWD (Alvardo, TX)
Waste Water/Oil Separation System. harmonic Review, Installation and Harmonic Verification of Performance
(2) 800HP & (2) 125HP Mirus Lineator Filter packages retrofit on existing VFD's to meet IEEE 519

Atwood ROV Retrofit (Australia)
Design and Specification of (1) 900 HP Mirus AutoLineator Filter to feed a 480V ROV equipment from the primary 600V distribution bus.
The filter was designed to mitigate high levels of voltage distortion and significant voltage commutations.

NOV 529 AC and DC Test Stands (Houston, TX)
Design, Specification, and Harmonic Verification 3500HP Mirus AutoLineator. Transform voltage from 480V to 600V and provide load harmonic mitigation to allow NOV to run their non-linear load test stand directly off of Utility power in full compliance with IEEE 519 harmonic standards.
Other Significant Project References Available Upon Request
Design, Specification, Applicational Review, & Performance Verification
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