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NSOEM is best known for our Industrial Market penetration and Engineering/Specificational orientation. But over the past decade, our organization has grown as territorial coverage expansion, product/client coverage's have expanded, and we have acquired other representative firms to solidify and consolidate our business topology. Regardless of NAED or any other National Scope marketing organizations market analysis and segmentation… there are three primary segments to our coverage. For purposes of easy identification, we have labeled our three operations as follows:
Unlike most representative firms and sales organizations, we have built our business model on specialization. Our primary focus within our covered markets are Magnetic Circuit Devices and Harmonic Mitigation Strategies. We evolved these specialties as a direct result of our involvement within the Land Based and Marine Drilling Markets, as well as, our participation within LV and MV VFD applications. Our focus is not just selling a product, but instead providing a credible circuit design and engineered solution to the customers needs.

A significant segment of our service profile in providing a package where performance and harmonic compliance verification is available through either our represented product offering or our ES&D operation. This strategy allows us to not only propose applicational remedies to our customers and clients needs, but also verify that the manufacturers claims of performance are verified. IEEE 519 and ABS/DNV/Lloyd’s harmonic limitation verification are a large part of our ES&D Group service offering. From circuit design, harmonic and circuit design modeling, installation review, startup services, and performance verification all are available for your key project needs.
Design, Specification, Applicational Review, & Performance Verification
Market and Engineering Specialty
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